Coaching for Creatives

I help creative people to overcome blocks and build an unstoppable life – creatively, personally and professionally.

– Monica O’Brien

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“The edge can be exciting or terrifying, it all depends on your mindset.”

– Monica O’Brien

Explore, Identify & Ignite Your Creative Dreams

Coaching Will Help You


Take your creativity to the next level


Establish a robust mindset and laser focus for your creative endeavors


Design and embrace a unique, creative career path


Overcome creative blocks and fear of failure


Stop procrastinating


Replace limiting beliefs with courage, positivity and resilience.


Grow a thriving and fulfilling creative business


Struggle less, follow your creative passion, create more and enjoy life


Contribute creatively to the world



When you commence
coaching you begin a transformational journey that will impact every area of your life – your creativity, your career and your relationships.

Business Development

Business is a creative
venture. It begins with an
idea and with the right
guidance, considerations and skills has the potential to develop into a successful, profitable and fulfilling adventure.


I facilitate workshops on a variety of themes and topics devised to meet the needs of individuals and groups at various stages of their personal and professional development.


Explore a variety of topics to support you in your creative journey. Learn at your own pace and enjoy the support and wisdom of fellow creatives.

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