If you are a singer, songwriter, band member, performing artist or creative business owner you will know how important it is to reach out to potential followers and to build relationships with existing contacts BUT where do you begin?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel confused and overwhelmed with social media and this prevents me from doing anything at all. My Inbox and feeds are splattered each day with sponsored ads offering a plethora of courses, tip sheets, web assessments, eBooks and the like… but where do you begin and who has the time to wade through all those options?

The mistake many artists make is obsessing over getting more and more likes/follows without a solid purpose behind it. We have to remember that first and foremost, we’re building real relationships here. Some get so caught up in chasing numbers that they neglect the fans who already know and love them. And statistics show keeping an existing fan costs far less than acquiring a new one.

So what can you do right now to truly engage fans and potential clients without spending a cent? Your email list and social networks remain key channels for nurturing strong connections.



Here are 7 tips to increase online engagement in 2024:


1. Review Contact Lists

Dust off those old emails/numbers and make a list of people to reconnect with. Send them a friendly note saying you’d love to add them to your insider updates if they’re interested. Use this as an icebreaker to share what you’re working on.


2. Your Newsletter

A quality newsletter is still one of the best engagement tools. Use a free platform like Systeme.io to quickly create great looking emails at least monthly. Don’t forget to include vibrant visuals, latest happenings and clear calls-to-action.


3. Offer Sign – up Incentives


Most people need a reason to subscribe these days. Entice new email sign-ups with an exclusive freebie like a download, merch item or video they can’t get elsewhere. Easy tools like Systeme.io will help you deliver and track these lead magnets.



4. Leverage Testimonials/User-Generated Content

Don’t just self-promote. Feature positive testimonials, reviews and user-generated content (photos/videos) across your online channels. It boosts credibility and creates a buzz.


5. Embrace Social Storytelling

In today’s overcrowded feeds, creatives who can masterfully tell stories through social media have a powerful advantage. Instead of just posting promotional updates, craft compelling narratives that give fans a window into your creative journey. Share anecdotes, works-in-progress, live behind-the-scenes glimpses or pose thought-provoking questions related to your artistic process. You could even launch an episodic social media story series that hooks fans into following along. The key is using social platforms to share your authentic creative narrative in an engaging, serial format that keeps people wanting more. Fans crave that personal connection and insider view – leveraging storytelling allows you to forge strong emotional bonds.


6. Bring Your Blog Into 2024

Blogs allow you to share a steady stream of content that gives fans an authentic window into your world. You might like to refer to my blog Blogging for Creatives for further tips on making your blog stand out from the crowd


7. Prioritize Your Own Site

Yes, social media is vital. But your website should still act as your core digital home base that you fully control. Invest efforts into creating an outstanding online hub tailored to your brand.


I hope you found these tips helpful.


I’m a big fan of the integrated platform Systeme.io which offers website builder, landing pages, newsletter templates, blog, and customer contact system. And there’s a free version. You can access it here.


The common thread? Focusing on creating real connections – not just racking up hollow numbers. By consistently implementing tips like these, you can authentically grow and nurture a loyal audience without blowing your budget on promotion. And remember to have fun in the process!


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Monica O’Brien is a professionally trained and accredited Coach and founder of Creative Edge Coaching www.creativeedgecoaching.com.au. She blogs on issues about creativity and small business development for conscious artists and business entrepreneurs.


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