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creative flow 

Beyond fears and limits to create something new

What is Generative Trance?

Generative Trance is grounded in possibility and provides a way for people to live lives that are creative and meaningful.

To “generate” means to create something new. The core focus of Generative Trance is creativity:

  • How do you create a successful and meaningful work life?
  • How do you create great personal relationships?
  • How do you develop a great relationship with yourself — your body, your past, your future, your wounds and your gifts?

These are the basic challenges in leading an extraordinary life. The processes of Generative Trance offer a way to succeed at them.

“In my first trance session with Monica I made a strong and compelling connection with the future “me” and it was powerful. It removed a great degree of fear about ‘what’s next’. 

Generative Trance is a third generation of trance work. It has been the life work of phycologist Dr Stephen Gilligan, a student of Milton Erikson, (known as ‘the father of modern hypnosis).

Generative Trance is not traditional hypnotherapy where one gives up control of his or her consciousness, but rather, a creative art in which the conscious and unconscious minds are woven into a higher consciousness capable of creativity and transformation.

There are no pendulums, no hypnotic scripts and no ‘mind control’!

“In moving to a trance state, I felt I was able to experience feelings that were beyond language i.e. to experience something that I wouldn’t have been able to describe in words, at first. This meant I could dig beneath my surface understanding of a topic / experience, to get in touch with what might be going on in my body / mind on a subconscious level. Amazing stuff. I’ll be back for more!” – Emily

 Unlike earlier forms of hypnosis that sought to “put to sleep”, “send away” or “control” the conscious mind, Generative Trance holds the two minds (conscious and creative unconscious) equally, paying attention to when and how one or the other is best used as a lead system. It is built on the premise of acknowledging and honouring how a harmonious relationship between these two minds produces the “higher consciousness” of a generative self.

Generative Trance is not about fixing anything or anyone by escaping or getting lost in trance. Rather, it is a set of practices for living life at its highest levels, bursting with many creative possibilities.

The first goals of Generative Trance is to become comfortable with letting go of all content and surrendering to the creative process… which eventually leads to clarity, peace and freedom.

“The most life-changing aspect of the Trance process for me was the concept of ‘welcoming’ the discomfort, or pain, or darkness in me. Offering it a seat at the table, and accepting it. Integrating all parts or aspects of myself (positive and negative) was an entirely new concept for me and made me very emotional.” – Julia

Generative Trance work can create new possibilities ‘out of nowhere’ and show many possible ways to proceed in a given situation. It is helpful and potentially transformative to use Generative Trance when a person reaches that place of ‘not knowing’ or when they feel stuck.

In a nutshell, when you need to let go of what’s not working and find new possibilities, Generative Trance is a great way explore new horizons.

For a creative individual, Generative Trance is an ideal tool to use for personal and professional growth and transformation.

Creatives innately know and understand that creative flow is energy moving through the mind, body and spirit. When that energy slows or stops completely, we become stuck, unable to move forward, unable to experience the joy and the freedom of being in flow – where nothing else in the world matters.

I have been trained in Generative Trance by Dr Stephen Gilligan and I am registered as a Generative Change – Generative Trance Practitioner via the International Association of Generative Change (IAGT). I began to incorporate Generative Trance work with my clients in early 2020 with remarkable results.

If you want to experience this elegant, safe, non- invasive, transformative work, click here to book a single Generative Trance session or a block of sessions.

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