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Starting a Business

Deciding to start a business can be one of the most exciting endeavours you undertake in your life – but there are a lot of different elements to consider. Building a strong foundation is the key to any successful business.

If a new business fails, it is usually not because the initial idea was unsound, but because there was insufficient planning done at the outset and at the growth stage.

Many creative people want to be financially successful using their creative gifts – however, they either shy away from beginning the business for personal reasons, they get overwhelmed with the responsibilities associated with running their business, or they begin the business without a clear plan and they give up in frustration.

If you have dreamt of starting your own business and earning a living from your art, I can help you get off to a flying start.

Starting a Business

Why are some businesspeople successful while others are not?

I believe it comes down to a person’s mindset. I’m not referring to a driven, success-orientated, strategy-based approach, as is commonly associated with and promoted by supporters of entrepreneurs. Instead, I am talking about a mindset that enables you to be authentic, play to your strengths, tap into your talents, know your innate abilities and your weaknesses, ask for help, and to maintain a positive vision for what you love to do. In other words, a mindset that allows you to thrive.

Often, my creative clients have not fully embraced the concept that if they are charging for gigs, selling artworks, creating products for sale or invoicing for their creative services, they are running a business! In cases like these, I help my clients feel comfortable with the notion and empower them to put into place the necessary best practices so they can do their creative work with ease. Business can be enjoyable – as long as you have the right mindset.

Creatives often do not resonate with business terms such as sales, marketing, networking, profit and loss – so we find ways to address these important aspects of the business without scaring you off!

A business plan provides you with confidence. It does not need to be a written document filled with jargon that you will never use.

My approach is to provide you with what will best serve your needs. This will result in a practical roadmap for where you are heading, as well as proven business strategies and knowledge on how you are going to get there.

A robust mindset, free of limiting beliefs and fears, is the beginning of a firm foundation for business success and happiness.

How Does Business Coaching Work?

Some business coaches take you through a fixed strategy. However, in my experience, I have found that each of my creative clients work in their own unique way. Some people prefer to work at a high visionary level, outsourcing a number of the day-to-day tasks, while others appreciate a more detailed approach that involves personally working through each aspect of the business. In each case, we will set clear goals at the outset of the coaching engagement to ensure your outcomes are met.

“Setting strong foundations as well as clear and measurable goals is key to the success of any business or project.”


Our coaching begins with a thorough review of your business idea and an assessment of the viability of the business. This usually includes a SWOT analysis – a review of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Following this, I help you get crystal clear on your business vision and goals. From there, we develop a practical plan that addresses key aspects of incubating and accelerating your business.

“I was surprised with what I discovered when I did the SWOT analysis. I found it extremely helpful. In fact, I ended up changing the focus for my fashion label after I considered the four aspects of the SWOT. Very insightful.”  Guy D

Benefits of Business Coaching

There are a variety of benefits that business coaching provides.

Cultivate a robust mindset for success
Gain clarity about your business vision and/ or creative project

Fill any ‘knowledge gaps’ about successful business practices

Decrease stress
Learn ‘conscious’ marketing and business skills
Establish your ideal customer, client or audience ‘avatar’
Manage your time for optimum efficiency
Increase revenue and create steady profits
Create sustainable motivation and accountability
Develop a comprehensive action plan

Ignite passion for what you love to do

Stop feeling overwhelmed

Business coaching will equip you with the necessary business information and skills to maximize your success as a business owner.

Would you like to know more?

Various business coaching packages are available, based on scope required and budget. If you want to harness your creativity by launching a new business or growing an existing business, I’d love to help you.

Please click here to learn more. I look forward to speaking with you.