With so many posts, social media advertisements, video trainings and books focused on ideas, tools and strategies for succeeding as a creative person, it’s no wonder we may miss the important and necessary place that stillness and silence plays in unleashing our creativity.

Research has clearly demonstrated that a quiet mind and body can bring about a determination, focus and a surge of creativity that is often inaccessible in a busy and noisy world.

Have we forgotten how to be still?

Has our ‘need’ to be socially connected 24/7 robbed us of the healing balm of contemplation?

When I was in my twenties I had the good fortune to be introduced to various forms of contemplation and I am deeply grateful for that firm foundation of learning to be still, letting go and being present. I maintained a contemplative practice for a number of years but somewhere along the way those times of stillness and silence became lost in the busyness of life.

It took a personal crisis to call me back to my core. I realized I had become out of touch with myself… On reflection, I was in a rut, lacking enthusiasm and creative energy. My situation caused me to stop, reflect and search deep within and as a result I began to explore what was deeply meaningful to me and I began to focus on what brought me happiness. I noticed I felt more creative and ideas began to flow. What seemed overwhelming became clear.

I don’t meditate in a traditional way, nor do I follow a specific path. Most mornings (for 3-5 minutes) before I get out of bed, and most evenings before I go to sleep, I simply lie on my back, breathe peacefully and clear my mind. This ‘practice’ grounds me. I feel more contented and more peaceful as a result of this little ritual. It’s a natural thing for me now, a good habit that serves me well.

A number of my coaching clients have shared their struggle with the inability to unleash their creativity. Some have described this as feeling stuck creatively. When we have explored the issues of silence and stillness and they have put some simple daily practices in place they have noticed a significant increase in their motivation and their ability to tap into their creative flow.

I leave you with a few questions to ponder. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

What place does silence and stillness have in your life?

Have you experienced any value in stillness and silence as a means of increasing your own creativity?

What would need to change for you if you want to experience more reflection and contemplation in your life?

To stillness, silence and creativity!



Monica O’Brien is a professionally trained and accredited Coach and founder of Creative Edge Coaching www.creativeedgecoaching.com.au. She blogs on issues about creativity and small business development for conscious artists and business entrepreneurs. 


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