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Coaching creative people requires not only knowledge and skill, but also an understanding of the creative soul. Not all creatives respond well to strategic coaching methods, nor do they necessarily obtain the results that meet their expectations through such conventional strategies.

Creative people generally have deep desires related to their career or a creative project, however they often feel stuck and unable to advance when it comes to the action they need to take. Procrastination, self-doubt and overwhelm seep into their consciousness and they become paralyzed, unable to move forward.

Career coaching which is specifically tailored to your artistic or creative practice, delivered by a coach who ‘gets you’, will enable you to move beyond the struggles, the roadblocks and the mental torment.

If you are an artist, performer or business innovator who has an idea (or several), a creative project or a business to launch, but is uncertain about how to begin, coaching can help you.

A common theme I find with my clients is that they are working in ‘day jobs’ which do not resonate with their passions, and as a result, they feel creatively unfulfilled. Sometimes, a person simply yearns for a change or outgrows what they have been doing for years, such as a teacher by trade who wishes to start painting professionally.

It is a common assumption that artistic pursuits cannot be reliably monetized. I can help you overcome this limiting belief, and work with you to identify what steps you need to take if you dream of earning a living from doing what you love.

Happy Clients

Imagine working with someone who listens and gets past all your fears and anxieties, helping you tame your ‘monkey mind’. Imagine brainstorming with someone who not only amplifies your dreams, but unpacks them step-by-step to make them achievable.

Meet Monica! She has walked with me as a creative life coach for decades, and being a creative performing artist and community developer, I have thrown her many challenges to work with. She is an ‘anything is possible’ (with the right support) kind of woman: as intuitive as she is grounded, and with an inclusive intelligence that understands both the need for vision and structure.

She gets it on every level! There is no way I would be living the life I live without her strong coaching and presence.

Trish W.

Over two decades, I have worked with a myriad of creative people including musicians, singers, writers, fashion designers, actors, dancers, coaches, healers and entrepreneurs.

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