A Word from My Clients

It is a privilege and a joy to work with people all over the world who inspire me with their courage, vision, passion and awe-inspiring talent.

Thank you to the following clients who have shared their experience of working with me in Transformational Coaching and Business Development.

At the end of a music performance degree, I reached the point where I was wondering what my next steps would be. I had envisioned structuring a self-directed program of study, but the concept of bringing this together seemed daunting, to say the least! My vision for my study and development went against the norm for what is often expected for the career path of a young musician, but being a creative person, it was important to me to develop a way of doing things that suited my personality, and my needs as a human being, not simply just as a musician.

Somebody who had worked closely with Monica suggested that I look at what she offered, and suggested she was the kind of person who would deeply understand this need for balance, and help me find a creative approach to taking life in my own hands! Monica did exactly this, and was instrumental in helping me find a unique and individual path for creative development and fulfilment.

Not only was working with Monica money well-invested in building my future plans, but it was also an investment in life-skill development. As a young emerging professional, it is so easy to be overburdened by the weight of expectation and the opinions of others, so I found the time I spent with Monica to be invaluable in finding the truth and possibility in the decisions and planning that I was facing.

Emily Edmonds

Opera Singer, London UK

Imagine working with someone who listens and gets past all your fears, anxieties, monkey mind and resistances. Meet Monica!

Imagine brainstorming with someone who not only amplifies your dreams, but unpacks them step by step so they’re achievable. Meet Monica!

Imagine conjuring up a new business or passionate life path, where your mind blocks are become merely ‘road bumps’ on the way, and they are opportunities to go deeper and wider in your life. Meet Monica!

Monica has walked with me as a creative life coach for decades and I, as a creative performing artist and community developer, have thrown her many challenges to work with!

She is an ‘anything is possible’ (with the right support) kind of woman, and loves nutting out how to work with you to birth the creative. Monica is intuitive, grounded and with an intelligence that understands both the need for vision and structure.

I spend as much time as I can with her around my creative endeavours, because she gets it on every level! There is no way I would be living the life I live without her strong coaching and presence.


Trish Watts

Creative Director , Cambodia Sings! Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I was surprised by the amount of creative thinking about ways to position my business, grow awareness and focus on key strengths. By this I mean that I think the way Monica moves beyond the ‘nuts and bolts’ of business development to a level of creative thinking about, in my case, everything from the basic identity (Rod Heard Studios), through ideas about how to target prospects with calls to action etc. that are very specific to my skill set, packaged in a business proposition that is unique to me.

The engagement with the promotional channels that are available today, particularly social media, displays considerable expertise on Monica’s part.

The benefits of having standing outside my business looking in is enormous. Despite its overuse, the principle of “where am I now, where do I want to be, how do I get there” is still a valid starting point and is embedded in Monica’s approach to coaching.

The encouragement to ‘think big’ and build to a long term creation of a saleable asset is an attitudinal wake up call to avoid a reactive mindset and build towards long term goals.

Monica’s style in focusing on small business in this instance I think benefits from principles she teaches in the more corporate setting, including aspects such as personal development and transformation.


Rod Heard

Graphic Designer/Musician, Rod Heard Studios

Through coaching I was able to identify what was behind a few certain beliefs that were holding me back from achieving my long-term goals. I was able to set some basic short term goals to break my bad habits which I had picked up along the way.

A main part of life that I have always struggled with was living consciously, It would seem that I always felt busy, and that the world and life was running at a thousand miles a minute. I never truly felt in control. On the large scale of things I suppose I felt that my life was heading in the direction that I wanted it to, but in a chaotic, unorganized and relentless kind of way. Monica helped me set some tasks that gave me the ability to self reflect and slow down my thoughts. Small changes that all made one big difference to help me gain control.

I still have moments where I feel lost. It happens everyday actually, but now I’m able to identify when they happen and do something about it. Feeling like a leaf going down a river of rapids. I now have some control and clarity back in my life and it feels great.


Paul Hill

Business Owner, Sydney, Hypehouse Photography

During our coaching sessions I was able to process my thoughts, fears and worries that caused me to procrastinate and not get on with what I knew at some level I needed to do. Processing this then gave me a space to sort out my “next steps and I loved the accountability, (NEEDED) the accountability to go on and do what I had committed to each session. Monica helped me break down tasks that seemed huge into bite sized chunks that were do able. She instilled in me a sense of confidence.

At the time, I don’t think I would have been as productive – I certainly wouldn’t have had as much confidence – sometimes I just need a partner to say “you can do this – it’s a great idea – go girl!” and Mon always did this for me.

I think Mon is an amazing coach. I am so grateful, I am indeed blessed.


Roz Beaver

Artist/Designer, Sydney, Art & Soulworks