Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if coaching is for me?

People usually engage a coach when they need support. Some people enter coaching feeling lost, fearful, overwhelmed, unmotivated or stuck. Others seek a coach when they have a knowledge gap relating to their career or business.

An ideal coaching client is someone who is open to change and to explore options. They are ready to overcome blocks, and set goals that resonate with what they want to create in their lives.

Coaching is most effective with people who are emotionally healthy and committed to doing whatever is required to bring about the change they desire.

Generally, people who engage a coach are seeking support, accountability and a trusted confidant to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Is your style of Transformational Life Coaching unique?

Many life coaches focus on helping their clients achieve life goals such as finding love, transitioning to a new job, finding purpose, growing in confidence, overcoming unwanted habits or addressing limiting beliefs. They are focused on achievement and action.

This approach is helpful for some; however, in my experience working with creatives, spanning three decades, I believe creatives need to approach Life Coaching from a creative perspective which includes a balance of reflection, soul searching and action.

A key aspect of my work with my clients is to help them create their vision for their life and their career. This is the most important part of the coaching process. Once the vision is clear, we then focus on developing spirited goals that motivate and enthuse.

My coaching style is holistic, incorporating a variety of tools and creative practices. I believe my clients hold immeasurable wisdom within their creative unconscious.

I consider myself as their companion and guide along the way to help them unearth the riches that they already possess and to help them identify and address any gaps that are preventing them from achieving their goals.

What is Creative Career Coaching?

Creative Career Coaching is designed specifically to address career success and fulfilment. It is similar to Transformational Life Coaching; however, the focus is on helping the client choose a career path aligned with their desires, talents, skills, and competencies.

Career coaching will support a person who is transitioning from their ‘day job’ to a creative role, transitioning to another position within their existing company, starting or growing a business, developing a vision for a creative career or designing a marketing campaign for a brand, service or product.

Creative Career Coaching begins with self-awareness aimed at helping the client discover new perspectives, and move beyond blocks and blind spots to achieve their goals. These blocks can be emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual.
Career coaching asks, “What do I really want to create in my working life?”

What happens during a coaching session?

Each session is designed to serve the client’s needs. Generally, we begin with a grounding exercise followed by the client sharing insights gained from the previous session and their application into daily life.

Blocks and obstacles are addressed and solutions developed. The session may include Generative Trance, NLP Practices and or sharing various personal or professional tools, strategies or practices.

The client coaching outcomes are always held in awareness to ensure the coaching achieves the desired transformation.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Creative awareness and ideas need time. Sessions are 90 minutes. On occasion, we may decide to shorten or lengthen this time. The sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever suits your personal and professional requirements.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

I offer three, six and twelve-month coaching packages. Career and Transformational Coaching is usually a three-month engagement, with sessions every fortnight. Business Coaching is often a longer engagement depending on what goals and outcomes the client needs to achieve.

Where does the coaching take place?

Coaching is online via Zoom or a similar online platform. Login instructions are provided and recordings of each session are available on request.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching packages vary depending on the client’s desired outcomes.

Packages for Transformational Coaching begin at $1500, Career Coaching $1500 and Business Coaching $2500. A detailed proposal will be offered following a free Discovery Session.

What other programs do you offer?

In addition to 1:1 coaching, I offer personal development coaching using the Integrative Enneagram and Generative Trance. These are powerful mechanisms for unlocking a person’s full personal and professional potential. Fees range from $175 for a single session to $2500 for packages.

Do you offer any group coaching programs?

Unleash Your Creative Genius is a ten-week transformational, online coaching program for creatives. It is designed to help participants master their thoughts and emotions, design their unique vision and set spirited goals so they can thrive in their career or business.

The program is offered in February and July each year. You can join the waitlist here. Places are limited as this is a small-group experience with personalised coaching.

How is Life Coaching different from counselling?

Coaching and counselling are similar in that both counsellors and coaches ask the client questions which often require soul-searching and contemplation. Neither a counsellor nor a coach will give direct advice but they will listen to what the client says and help the client to unlock his or her wisdom. Generally, counselling sessions address emotional issues arising from past hurts, traumas or habits, whereas the coaching relationship is focused on the future and deals with optimising opportunities so the client can live a happy and fulfilled life.

What are your qualifications and ethical standards?

I have been coaching since 2005. I have worked with emerging artists, creative professionals, healers, experts, teachers, business owners, coaches and consultants.

I have multiple coaching qualifications including:

  • Cert IV Life & Business Coaching – The Life Coaching Institute, Sydney
  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) – The International Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Semantics (NS) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – The International Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF)
  • Integral-Semantics Facilitator Certification – Integral Semantic Group
  • Integrative Enneagram – Integrative Enneagram
  • Generative Coaching Certification – International Association of Generative Change (IAGT)
  • Generative Trance Certification – – International Association of Generative Change (IAGT)
  • Coach Mentoring & Supervision Program Mentor – The Coaching Room
  • Conscious Coach Success Mentor Program – Conscious Business Coalition

I am a member of professional coaching associations and communities including:

  • International Meta-Coach Foundation 
  • International Enneagram Association
  • International Society of Neuro-Semantics
  • International Generative Change Association
  • Australian Performing Rights Association – Publisher and Writer Member
  • CA Ltd – Publisher and Writer Member

These organisations set professional and ethical standards and guidelines that I have adopted and applied to my coaching practice.

I’m committed to providing a professional service that honours each and every client with the highest standard of confidentiality.

In keeping with professional coaching best practice guidelines, I provide you with a Coaching Agreement at the commencement of your coaching engagement which outlines the terms and conditions of the engagement.

Are you a creative yourself?

I have always had a love of creativity. My personal creative expression takes its form via abstract painting, poetry and lyric writing with singer/songwriters.

I also consider creative visioning and creative thinking as two powerful expressions of my own creativity.

I own and manage a music publishing company and I am a member of various creative organisations.

How do I book a Free Discovery Call?

Book your free discovery call here. On receipt of the calendar booking, I will forward you a brief questionnaire to complete which will facilitate our call.