To stay top-of-mind with your followers and fans, you need to communicate with them on a consistent basis with a variety of content to keep them engaged. A Social Media Calendar can greatly increase your chances of being consistent with your postings. 


Like any relationship, if we don’t stay in touch via social media on a regular basis it’s more difficult to maintain a meaningful connection.


Posting regularly does not need to be an arduous or overwhelming task. Using a Social Media Calendar is a great way to stimulate ideas and give you a framework to follow.

There are a number of calendars on the market or available online, however, they are general in nature and are not designed specifically for use by creatives. This is why I created a Social Media Calendar Bundle for Creatives.  



3 Key Points

There are 3 key principles that are good to consider while you build your relationships with followers. They are as follows: 



1. Post Content Regularly


There’s plenty of evidence to demonstrate that regular, consistent posts result in 4 times more engagement.


A Social Media Calendar takes the hard work out of trying to come up with ideas week in and week out.



2. Share More Content

The goal with content should be to provide something of interest and relevance to your audience.


You want your content to appeal to what your fans and followers care about.


It’s also important to remember that they are interested in YOU and your creative work – YOU are one of the things they care about!

This does not mean constantly posting promotions but rather, sharing insights into how you create, and pulling back the curtain on your daily routine. This gives fans and followers a glimpse into your work and life, and what inspires and motivates you.

It’s also essential that you promote your products and services, but try to keep these to around 20% of your posts.

If you have ever wondered if being active on social media to promote your art, business or career is worth the effort,  remember, it is about relationship building and keeping ‘you’ in front of your fans and prospects. 



3. Build a Community

Social media is social! Humans are wired to connect with each other. This is why Facebook Groups, Facebook Lives, IG Stories, Reels, TikTok,  are thriving. People love to communicate.

If you want to genuinely create loyal fans and followers I recommended you follow a social media strategy that offers content that your fans and followers will enjoy. Variety is key! 

When fans and followers get to know and like you, they build trust with you. It is much easier to market to people who are in your circle than to what marketers call ‘cold traffic’. 

This is where a Social Media Calendar can be really helpful.

After struggling for years, I decided I needed to find and easy solution to ensure I was posting content that was relevant to my audience, that didn’t take days or months to organise. This is why I dedicated months to creating my Social Media Calendar Bundle for Creatives. It is tailor-made for creatives and posting only takes 5-10 mins a day. It includes 365 days of content PLUS a designer has creates 52 Quotes for Creatives and 52 Questions that are relevant for fans and followers of creatives.  

The Bundle will help ensure you have a variety of content at your finger-tips you share with your members – variety is key to ensuring ongoing engagement.

Initially, you will need to be active in your group, by posting each day and responding to comments. Over time, and with your encouragement, group members will begin to contribute, and the continued success of the group won’t rely entirely on your input.

Good luck! Here’s to you building a strong and profitable tribe of fans and followers. If you’d like help with social media content, you can grab my FREE Social Media Calendar Bundle for Creatives. 



Monica O’Brien is a professionally trained and accredited Coach and founder of Creative Edge Coaching She blogs on issues about creativity and small business development for conscious artists and business entrepreneurs. 


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