Have you ever surrendered so deeply to the creative process that time and space seemingly cease to exist?

That state is often described as flow, and it happens when you are 100% absorbed in your art, project or idea, abandoning yourself completely to the indescribable joy of whatever inspiration, dream or vision you are transforming into reality.

Most creative people have experienced this phenomenon; some are very familiar with it, while others nurture it and immerse themselves in it on a regular basis.

The state of flow comes over you when you actively engage in something that is deeply important to you – to the extent that you surrender completely to your creativity, you get lost in it. You become self-forgetful, time-forgetful, world-forgetful. Your only awareness is on what has captured you.

Many creative people know that there is virtually nothing more stressful and painful than being stuck creatively. The more they try to ‘do’ something, the worse it gets. A cycle of self-doubt, self-criticism and self-loathing can develop; in some cases, a feeling of hopelessness descends upon them like an impenetrable cloud.

To-do lists, strategies and well-defined plans have their place – however, these are only helpful and realized when an individual explores his or her core beliefs, values and motivations. Meaning drives performance. If we cling to beliefs that do not serve our goals, we will never feel truly fulfilled, and we are unlikely to attain the artistic recognition or success that so many of us desire.

Creative genius is that state of mind where you can access your highest potential. It is not just one point in time; instead, it’s a ‘way of being’ or a mindset that enables you to experience resourceful emotions such as hope, enthusiasm, positivity and so on. These compel you to be awake to yourself, to engage with your deeper self and then to act.

In order to access your creative genius state, you need to eliminate all the beliefs that might be limiting you, develop deep meaning for what you desire, and set a clear plan or intention.

When you access your creative genius mindset, when you find yourself in your creative genius state, inspiration has no limits. Happiness and contentment flow, extraordinary productivity is unleashed, and you experience unbounded joy, the pure and meaningful ecstasy of doing what you love.

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Monica O’Brien is a Certified Coach with more than 15 years’ experience working with creative people, business innovators and coaches in various stages of their careers. She is the founder of Creative Edge Coaching. She helps her clients identify their ideal audience and build strong, mutually beneficial relationships, while also empowering them to craft truly authentic offerings, acknowledging themselves and their creativity as having genuine value.


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