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Master your mind, body and emotions

What is Meta-Coaching?

In simplest terms, this is an advanced approach to coaching, which reaches higher levels of consciousness than ‘conventional’ or ‘traditional’ coaching techniques.

Why Choose the Meta Path?

Meta-Coaching enhances creativity, performance, achievement and results. It enables you to take charge of your personal power by developing self-leadership and becoming masterful in your mind, body and emotions. It also helps you become more connected to your soul.

Meta Coaching Methodology

The Meta-Coaching method is best described as a system grounded in the cognitive sciences, systems theory, self-actualization, and positive psychological techniques. It was jointly developed by Michelle Duval and Dr L. Michael Hall in 2002. It is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Neuro-Semantic coaching system for working at the ‘higher’ (meta) levels of consciousness required to achieve profound developmental and transformational change through enhanced learning.

Meta-Coaching is person-centred coaching. It does not follow a fixed schema or program; nor does it impose a particular outcome or trajectory. Meta-Coaching is a methodology in which the focus is on process and structure rather than content. Unlike counselling, for example, Meta-Coaching does not encourage the client to delve deeply into details. Instead, it helps you to identify the structure of your experience and to facilitate change through gaining a greater awareness of yourself.

Meta Coaching Tools

The Meta-Coaching methodology draws upon more than 300 sets of tools and techniques (called ‘patterns’) from NLP and Neuro-Semantics. Specific patterns are utilized for identifying, managing and controlling emotions, increasing confidence and self-esteem, resolving inner conflicts, overcoming mental obstacles that block your progress and so on.

These tools can be used during the coaching session, as well as independently, to help you gain greater understanding of your thoughts and behaviour, and to clear blocks.

Meta Programs

In coaching sessions, you will be introduced to meta-programs, which are habitual patterns of thought that impact how we think, feel and behave. More than 60 meta-programs have been identified.

“Learning about meta-programs has been amazing. I had no idea why I innately behaved in certain ways. Knowing I have a choice in my behaviour has made the world of difference to me. I feel more in control and so much happier.” – Susan W.

Being aware of our own meta-programs and picking up on other people’s meta-programs can help us better navigate life. Meta-programs determine how the brain pays attention to things and what it pays attention to. They represent a form of pattern recognition, whereby your brain attempts to sort through what your body is sensing and experiencing.

For example, if a person repeats a particular way of thinking or repeats a certain behaviour, eventually it will become a habit and may be referred to as ‘part of your personality’. 

Some of these habitual thinking patterns become so ingrained in us that we become inflexible, and ultimately the pattern solidifies into a meta-program. From there, the meta-program appears to run on its own, out of our awareness.

Meta-programs are therefore mental programs that run our lives at an unconscious level of awareness, much like a software program that runs a computer. These mental programs determine how information is processed by deciding what to delete, distort, and/or generalise from your experience.

It’s important to note that meta-programs are neither negative nor positive. The meta-programs you use to perceive and interact with your world either work for you or work against you. Coaching can assist you in determining whether or not they work for you, and can also empower you to gain greater flexibility. The goal is to know when a meta-program supports your personal goals and objectives, or when you would benefit from a program upgrade!


How Does It Work?

Meta-Coaching is focused on enabling you to achieve a goal you deeply desire. The objective is to support change.

Beginning with an enquiry to determine what you want to achieve, your Meta-Coach draws on the skills of listening, supporting and guiding. The process involves exploring, questioning, discovering and applying specific techniques, patterns for change and practices to support your clearly defined coaching outcomes.

The Benefits of Meta Coaching

Meta-coaches do not teach, train, or give advice, because we assert that people already have the internal resources they require to develop and succeed. Instead, we use models and processes which empower people to develop and mobilize those internal and external resources, enabling transformation at a deep level. People can then begin to claim their personal power by thinking for themselves, solving problems, developing their creativity, becoming responsible for themselves, managing obstacles and developing a robust mindset.

Meta-Coaching Qualifications

The international Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF) has a rigorous process for assessing Meta-Coach students against 26 coaching skills and 7 coaching psychology models. The benchmarking process and the attainment of credentials thus both exceed the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) 2006 competencies (Linder-pelz, 2010) and assessment process.

Meta-Coaching is one of the powerful frameworks that I use to help my clients achieve their deepest desires, personally and professionally.

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