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What is Neuro-Semantics?

Neuro-Semantics is a model of how we create and embody meaning.

The way we construct and apply meaning determines our sense of life and reality, our skills and competencies, and the quality of our experiences.

Neuro-Semantics is firstly about performing our highest and best meanings. Secondly, it is about adding richer and more robust experiences of meaning to the way we live, and thirdly, about transforming and upgrading our current embodied meanings to enhance our lives or facilitate our resourcefulness.

Neuro-Semantics combines some aspects of Neuro-Linguisitic Programming with principles of general semantics. The result is a complex methodology that examines how we think about our thoughts, and how our experiences of our beliefs drive our behaviour.

We live meaning in our mind-body-emotion states or conditions. Ultimately, these are neuro-semantic states – in other words, they are rooted in the physical neurology of the brain and nervous system, and the state of our body as a whole.

These states are affected and informed by our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions and intentions. Even the physiological state of our body is determined to a large extent by our neurological condition. Neuro-Semantics is about harnessing the power of meaning to invoke the highest, best and richest states of being.

In simplest terms, it is meaning that drives performance. If a task or a role lacks robust meaning for us, then we are likely to underperform, procrastinate, feel overwhelmed or unfocused. We lack motivation. Often it is not a matter of removing the task or the role, but rather, changing our relationship to it, in order to enhance a positive meaning. This then activates motivation and increases commitment, focus and action.

“ I couldn’t understand why I continually put off doing certain tasks. My ‘to do’ list was out of control until I learnt about the meaning I was applying to certain jobs. Monica helped me assess the meaning I was placing on those jobs that kept getting put to the bottom of the list. Wow, what a difference. I can use this knowledge in so many areas where I feel stuck.” – Jan R

At the heart of coaching, we regularly consider and explore the space that meaning occupies in our lives, with a view to finding the missing pieces we need to build an enthusiastic, positive mindset, ready to break through blocks, overcome barriers and attain our deepest desires and most sought-after outcomes.

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