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I coined the term ‘creative projects coaching’ because it best describes the overall focus of this style of product development coaching. Unlike life coaching or performance coaching, creative projects coaching aims to support you in bringing to life a special creative project such as publishing a book, performing a play, planning an exhibition, recording an album, or bringing a product to market.

When creative people are thriving, they seem to invariably have a plethora of ideas or a passion project that they long to launch. However, sometimes they simply do not know where to begin or how to progressively develop their idea. Does this sound familiar?

The business principles of evaluating, planning and taking action need to be applied to creative projects or product development if these undertakings are to succeed. However, there is no reason for this process to suck the life out of you or rob you of the enthusiasm and vision that you have for your project.

I understand that ‘to do’ lists, strategies and goal setting can seem like death to a creative person. With this in mind, we can work together to enable you to combine the internal resources you need with the practical steps that are essential for success.

I have worked with clients who have devised a diverse range of projects such as recording and launching music albums, self-publishing books, creating art installations and exhibitions, preparing and advertising live workshops and online courses, launching not-for-profit charities, helping coaches and consultants develop products that support their services, establishing a fashion atelier, branding for a new music label, rebranding graphic design companies, establishing online and offline businesses, even assisting with a personal development tool for coaches and therapists.  

If you have a burning desire to explore a creative idea or project and you are unsure of the next steps, please get in touch. I’d love to help you bring your dream into reality.

Happy Clients

“One of the things I value most about working with Monica is her ability to apply shrewd and no-nonsense business concepts to the most deliciously creative endeavours, without compromising inspiration or artistic integrity in the slightest. As a quintessential creative with a new idea every few minutes, I hugely benefited from Monica’s help with tightening my focus and applying myself in a constructive way to transform my sometimes wild ideas into authentic commercial success.”

Gun A.

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