A journey of

self discovery,

Soaring above fears, struggles and resistance

What is Transformational Coaching?

Personal enquiry lies at the heart of transformational coaching. It enables the client to go deeper by exploring beliefs, assumptions, habits, values and attitudes that shape their experience and their relationship with others and their world.

Unlike life coaching, which generally focuses on modifying behaviour and setting goals, transformational coaching is a process of becoming more aware and more conscious. It is a journey of self-discovery.

When people are open and ready to embrace change in their lives, it becomes more than making a decision to take a particular action or to change a specific behaviour. Transformation in thinking and behaviour is inevitable when a client commits to breaking old habits that no longer serve them, as well as choosing to think and behave differently.

Some styles of coaching are solely based on action, performance and results. Generally, these forms of coaching are helpful for short-term goals or projects – however, they do not consider a person’s ‘essence’ or soul, and unless the original goal was not particularly ambitious, results are likely to diminish over time. Transformational coaching acknowledges the transpersonal wisdom of each client and enables them to explore their deepest truth and true nature in a safe and open environment.

In our coaching engagements, you will be exposed to a number of transformative techniques to help you identify mental ‘roadblocks’ and to overcome these with ease. You will be encouraged to look at your life from various perspectives and to raise your level of consciousness through daily practices such as meditation and mindfulness. Together, we will explore the various steps you need to take to achieve what you deeply desire for your life, career or business.

As a transformational coach, I know that my clients do not need fixing! They are a harmonious symphony of mind, body, emotion and spirit. They have all the inspiration they need to soar above their fears, struggles and resistance. I trust that my clients have the capacity to distil their own truth from beliefs, habits and interpretations that have been passed on to them, and make clear, effective choices that will enable them to reach their desired outcomes.

I acknowledge and honour the wisdom and power that all my clients intrinsically possesses.

“The coaching relationship, for me, is a sacred journey built on trust. I have witnessed amazing transformations and I’m never surprised by people’s capacity to change and grow”.

– Monica O’Brien

The Benefits of Transformational  Coaching

Transformational coaching provides a way for clients to feel supported and empowered to choose alternatives to a life they are dissatisfied with. This allows them to generate results that serve them, which in turn ensure that they live their lives fully, effortlessly and consciously.

 There are many benefits for clients who receive transformational coaching. These include:


More distinct sense of self


Clarity regarding both long-term and short-term goals


Fresh perspectives on personal challenges


Improved relationships


Alignment with your purpose


Improved focus


Enhanced capacity for decision-making


Increased confidence and self-esteem


Increased energy levels


Victory over fears and anxiety


Robust mindset


Liberation from unresourceful emotions


Improvement in health and wellness


Increased motivation


Greater happiness

Happy Clients

“Until I began work with Monica, I realize I was only half-awake creatively and emotionally, and my disconnection from my creative self was slowly suffocating me. I couldn’t identify what was causing me low-level chronic disease, and was just coasting through my life with a nagging sense of ‘wrongness’, that something was missing. Coaching with Monica has been the most genuine, tangible, awakening, ‘kick up the butt’ transformative experience of my artistic life, but really of my emotional and spiritual life as well. Monica has given me insight, and a multitude of tools to identify entrenched patterns, belief systems, and mindsets that are keeping me stuck, offering guidance in making small achievable changes (that have rocked me to my foundations and resulted in huge positive changes), reflecting me back to myself and giving me hard truths, perspective, hope and encouragement, always in the most loving, empowering, supportive and respectful manner. It’s an amazing, rare thing for your creative heart to be seen, heard, and held in a safe space so gently and warmly, whilst it comes back to life. It’s as if I can breathe again. I’m so grateful to her.”

Julia C.

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