Coaching, with its promise of transformation and growth, has become a staple in the pursuit of personal and professional excellence. But what happens when coaching doesn’t yield the expected results? Let’s explore why certain coaching styles, such as performance coaching, may fall short and why the unique needs of the creative soul require a different approach.


Performance Coaching and the Lure of Achievement

Performance coaching, with its emphasis on quantifiable achievements and constant improvement, undoubtedly holds value in specific contexts. However, for creative souls whose ambitions are woven with intricate threads of passion and introspection, the rigid structure of performance coaching may leave them yearning for a more profound connection to their creative dreams and aspirations.


Creatives Need for Reflection and Depth

The creative spirit thrives on the delicate balance between introspection and action. Creatives require dedicated time for conscious reflection before embarking on any journey of transformation. In an era where action is often celebrated as the driving force, diving into the depths of one’s thoughts and emotions can be overshadowed, leading to a lack of true self-discovery.


Enter Generative Coaching – A Paradigm for Creative Souls

Generative Coaching, as pioneered by Stephen Gilligan, offers an alternative perspective that resonates deeply with creative individuals. This coaching methodology transcends the conventional paradigm by recognising the intricate layers of the human experience. It invites clients, especially creatives, to tap into their creative unconscious, where innovation, inspiration, and authenticity converge.


Why Generative Coaching Appeals to Creatives

Generative Coaching strikes a chord with creatives due to its emphasis on holistic exploration. By allowing clients to dive into their unconscious minds, Generative Coaching facilitates a journey of self-discovery that extends beyond mere problem-solving. This approach harmonises the unique qualities of creative souls with a coaching framework that honours the complexity of their inner worlds.


Harnessing the Power of the Unconscious

At the heart of Generative Coaching lies the recognition of the creative unconscious as a wellspring of untapped potential. Through techniques such as metaphor exploration, hypnosis, and visualisation, clients can access insights that may have eluded them in traditional coaching settings. This dimension of Generative Coaching resonates profoundly with creatives who are accustomed to navigating the deeper currents of their thoughts.


Balancing Introspection and Manifestation

Generative Coaching doesn’t merely encourage introspection. That is why I’m such a fan of it. It nurtures the dance between introspection and manifestation. For creatives, this balance is vital. The framework encourages conscious reflection while guiding clients to translate their insights into tangible actions that align with their truest aspirations.


Embracing Transformation through Generative Coaching

In essence, Generative Coaching redefines the coaching journey by aligning with the needs of creative souls. It embraces the complexity of human experience, offering a space for deep exploration and transformation. By delving into the realms of the unconscious, creatives can unveil insights that shape their growth journey in profound and meaningful ways.


Generative Coaching – A Path for Creative Evolution

When coaching falls short, particularly for creative individuals, it’s essential to explore methodologies that resonate with their needs. Generative Coaching stands as an embodiment of this understanding. It blends introspection, action, and unconscious exploration, empowering creatives to authentically grow and discover themselves. It exemplifies the transformative power of coaching that embraces the multifaceted essence of the human experience, guiding creatives toward a space where coaching doesn’t just work—it thrives.


Generative Coaching & Generative Trance

I have been trained in Generative Coaching and Generative Trance by Dr Stephen Gilligan and I am registered as a Generative Change – Generative Trance Practitioner via the International Association of Generative Change (IAGT). I began to incorporate Generative Trance work with my clients in early 2020 with remarkable results.

If you want to experience this elegant, safe, non- invasive, transformative work, click here to book a single Generative Trance session or a block of sessions.



Monica O’Brien is a professionally trained and accredited Coach and founder of Creative Edge Coaching She blogs on issues about creativity and small business development for conscious artists and business entrepreneurs. 


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