Whether you’re a professional singer looking to enhance and grow your career or an amateur just singing for fun, working with a qualified voice coach can have a huge positive impact. From developing healthy technique to unlocking your full potential, voice lessons provide invaluable benefits for singers at every level.

I’m not a singer or a voice coach however, I do know the value of having of personal, career and business coaching. Working with a coach can be the difference between a great singing experience and an extraordinary singer experience.

Recently, I was speaking with Emily Edmond’s a professional opera singer, teacher and voice coach. She shared with me why investing in voice coaching is worthwhile for anyone who loves to sing.

Develop Proper Vocal Technique

At the core of any great singer is a strong technical foundation. A voice teacher can guide you in proper breathing, support, resonance, and diction – the building blocks of a free, controlled, and powerful vocal instrument. Poor technique leads to strain and can hinder your range and endurance over time. With coaching, you learn to sing with ease while avoiding injury.

Increase Your Range

Limited range is one of the top complaints among singers of all levels. A good voice teacher understands the mechanics and координация behind extending your usable range in a healthy manner. Exercises tailored to your voice will allow you to access under-utilised parts of your range.

Improve Musicality and Artistry

While technique is crucial, singing is also an art form. An experienced coach can help you shape phrases, add stylistic nuances, and imbue your performances with greater musicality and emotional expression. They’ll give you tools to analyse scores, make intentional artistic choices, and truly inhabit the music.

Build Confidence

Whether you’re battling stage fright or self-doubt about your abilities, voice lessons foster confidence. With a coach’s experienced guidance, you’ll gain a fuller understanding of your voice’s potential. Seeing your skills progress boosts self-assurance for auditions and performances.

Further Your Career

For aspiring professionals, lessons are an essential career investment. Coaching helps polish your skills, expands your repertoire knowledge, and provides audition prep. An instructor’s insight can propel you closer to your artistic vision and give you an edge in the competitive music world.

Sing Healthier for Life

For hobbyists, one of the biggest benefits of voice lessons is learning to sing in a sustainable way that preserves your voice over decades. Developing good habits reduces strain and injury risk so you can keep enjoying your passion for the long-term.

Interested in Voice Coaching?

I’m thrilled to let you know that Emily has some vacancies and would love to work with singers within our community. You can learn more about Emily’s approach and her offerings at this link: https://www.shownotesthepodcast.com/vocalcoaching

With over 15 years of international professional experience as a singer, teacher, and mentor, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the sessions. Supported by 200+ hours of yoga and meditation teacher training, Emily offers vocal support like no other – lessons with Em are holistic and transformational.

No matter your goals, committing to ongoing voice coaching pays dividends in skill, confidence, and vocal longevity. With a qualified teacher, you’ll gain tools to nurture your gift fully while experiencing greater satisfaction as a singer.





Monica O’Brien is a professionally trained and accredited Coach and founder of Creative Edge Coaching www.creativeedgecoaching.com.au. She blogs on issues about creativity and small business development for conscious artists and business entrepreneurs. 


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