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I facilitate workshops on a variety of themes and topics devised to meet the needs of individuals and groups at various stages of their personal and professional development.

Business 101 for Creative Artists

Often creative people have an allergy to business – they feel out of their depth and they lack interest in sales, marketing, budgets and the like, resulting in procrastination and low motivation. This workshop, specifically catering to creatives, offers a roadmap of essential information on how to structure a successful business. This is delivered within a painless framework that addresses the needs, interests and skills of creative individuals. The following topics are covered:


  • Establishing a business mindset that does not detract from your art
  • Getting clear on your vision for your business
  • Identifying business knowledge and skill gaps, and how to address them
  • Getting to know your ideal customer/fan
  • Putting into place an achievable plan of action for success.

Manage Your Mind

The mind is a powerhouse that must be managed wisely. If it is left to its own resources, it has the potential to cause a range of negative emotions and unwanted behaviours. In this workshop, we explore the power of beliefs and unlock new ways of gaining control over any of your thoughts and feelings that do not serve you. Limiting beliefs, fears and struggles give way to peace, happiness and fulfilment.

Freeing Yourself from Creative Blocks

There is nothing more distressing for a creative person than to feel blocked. In this workshop, we take inventory of your state of mind and learn how to develop empowering, resourceful states that you will be able to switch on and off at will.

Befriending Time and Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is not necessarily due to laziness, nor is it intrinsically caused by poor time management. In this workshop, we explore your relationship with time and the meaning you place on tasks that are burdensome. We also uncover strategies that you can employ immediately to get you focused and moving forward towards achieving your goals.

Setting Robust Personal Boundaries

Stress-related illness, diminished focus, lowering of productivity and lack of motivation are just some of the symptoms associated with personal boundary issues. This workshop will explore the following subjects:

  • The importance of setting clear personal boundaries
  • How to renegotiate workloads
  • Saying no with grace and sensitivity
  • How to recognize when your boundary is threatened
  • Tools for being personally responsible for self-care

Communication Advantage

Communication is the key to healthy, happy relationships – both personally and professionally. In this workshop, we will learn a variety of skills including a transformational communication model that illustrates how we communicate. We also explore the deeper meaning behind thoughts, words and actions, and how this understanding can transform the quality of our communication.

“In order to have a real relationship with our creativity, we must take the time and care to cultivate it.”

– Julia Cameron

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